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Lawyers - notaries - arbitrators

We provide the best legal services in the following areas.

Commercial issues

All disputes that are filed against the merchant or commercial companies from third parties, whether individuals, commercial entities or government departments

Real estate issues

Addressing property ownership disputes, overlapping tools, infringements and expropriation

Implementation issues

It includes a wide range of cases in which the prosecution or the supervisory and investigation authority sues and asks it to impose a punishment on the accused for violating a regulation or legislation.

Labor issues

Lawyers are responsible for all your inquiries related to labor laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also prepare and draft labor regulations, review and approve them according to the latest instructions of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Criminal cases

Providing legal and legal advice, pleading and defense in criminal cases

Pleading and arbitration

By representing others before the judicial authorities, starting with listening to the client, sharing his opinion and advice, having access to his information, studying the case and its documents, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, preparing regulations and memoranda and drafting them legally

Personal status issues

Providing consultations in the field of personal and marital status, conflict resolution, divorce and divorce cases

Representing companies and institutions

All documentation services for companies and individuals, including: declarations, agencies, establishing companies and amending their contracts and decisions, and others.

contract drafting

We draft all types of contracts and agreements in both Arabic and English, in addition to preparing legal studies on various topics related to our clients.


. We excel in the field of arbitration by providing professional, transparent and fast services and providing alternatives for dispute settlement

Administrative issues

Providing legal and legal advice and submitting grievances on decisions and violations issued by the concerned parties

Endowment issues

Providing consultations related to inheritance issues and liquidating inheritance, wills, and endowments
About the office


We, Al Mahwiti and Al Shanqeeti Company, provide our legal services based on our belief in what the relationship between the lawyer and the client represents in the success of cases, preservation of rights and knowledge of obligations, and we are honored to be partners in your successes, as the company plays a pioneering role in providing advice and advice in all legal fields related to companies Institutions and individuals and provide them with legal protection through a group of lawyers and advisors

Vision and mission

Al Mahwati and Al Shanqeeti Law Firm aims to keep pace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision in the legal field and to ensure customer satisfaction with high outputs that keep pace with the development in the legal field and the legal profession

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